Memories of old florida...

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"Florida" often conjures images of large theme parks, crowded beaches, and urbanite sprawl. To the degree a person may think of any sort of "wildness" in Florida, the Everglades and alligators are often the extent of what most people imagine exists in Florida in the places away from the major cities. 

Few people are aware that Florida was one of the last frontier regions in the lower 48 states and that the rural inhabitants of the land lived a pioneer lifestyle well into the mid 1900s. These Florida backwoodsmen, known as the "Crackers," represented a unique frontier culture that was unlike most others in the United States. Unfortunately, Florida's ever expanding population and development has all but destroyed this culture, save for a few families that keep traditional Florida woodsman lifestyle alive. 

The family of Old Florida Outdoors is one such Cracker family that preserves, to the extent possible in this day and age, the lifestyle and traditions of old Florida. Our products are all designed and hand built in a small shop near Ocala in the heart of the state. We hope that our products and videos will spread some awareness of Florida's rural culture and might inspire some of the new arrivals to the state to adopt and carry on the love for the unspoiled land that we have.