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Old Florida Outdoor's Scope Camcorder Mount is the perfect solution for the hunter who wishes to film his or her hunts with the least amount of hassle or game-spooking movement. It is also a great choice for aiding the visually impaired hunter's aim thru a rifle scope.

The mount attaches to the eyepiece of a rifle scope and can be fitted to position a camcorder or digital camera either behind or on top of the rifle scope. It is compatible with most digital cameras, camcorders, and action/sport cameras. The multiple grooves that line the mount's bottom plate allow cameras to be moved up and down the mount and to the left and right for just the right eye relief between the scope and the camera. The mount will fit nearly all scopes and ships with two sizes of rubber sleeves and a heavy-duty felt strip for protecting the finish of your rifle scope. We recommend using only digital cameras and sport/action cameras with high-recoil weapons such as center-fire rifles or crossbows. For bolt-action rifles, high scope rings may be required in order to cycle the bolt with the mount attached. 

Scope Camera camcorder mount


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